Health Book of the Month

Health Book of the Month

This month some material was covered on the effects a stressful lifestyle has on our health and the importance to reduce this type of lifestyle! Although we are aware of the consequences, sometimes it is very difficult to actually manage to reduce stress - there are simply too many distractions, deadlines, goals, and family responsibilities.

The topic of managing stress and increasing efficiency has always interested me, and throughout the years I have read different books on this topic. One of them I came across couple of years ago, a book called "The One Thing" by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan. The reason I like this book very much is because it helps you focus on what really matters for you to be successful without being stressed. We can't be successful and achieve our goals if we are not focused on the one thing that matters. In contrary, by focusing on the one thing that respectively matters in your job and private / family life, you automatically reduce stress and become much more effective and successful.

This over 200 pages book is very easy to read and it is well structured. I particularly liked the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, and the fact that throughout each chapter some important thoughts were underlined. In addition, it has some easy exercises and tasks that give you fruit for thought, which helps you find out what is the one thing in the different aspects of your life that you should be focusing on.

If you have read this book, I would love to hear your thoughts! If not, share with us which book around health you would recommend!

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