Nutrition book of the month

Nutrition book of the month

I feel very passionate about healthy nutrition and figuring out what does a healthy nutrition mean for me. In this process I have read many different nutrition books, and today I want to talk about a book called "The New Optimum Nutrition Bible" by Patrick Holford (for more information on the author, please visit ). In this over 500 pages book, Mr. Holford talks about many different aspects of nutrition:

  • defining what is optimal nutrition
  • giving insights to the different nutrition groups
  • discussing "the wonderful world within"
  • talking about the number of different benefits an optimum nutrition has
  • giving insights into the optimal nutrition for the different age groups
  • what are the different aspects to consider when creating your own nutrition program
  • nutritional healing for number of different issues (e.g. acne, diabetes, sleeping problems, etc)

It seems to me, that we are all looking for the ONE healthy solution or diet. This is particularly what I like about this book - the author makes it very clear from the beginning that there is no one optimal nutrition for everyone. Instead each one of us needs to figure out what is the optimum nutrition for me, in order to promote (among others) my optimal physical & mental performance, as well as emotional balance.

This book is not about recipes, but purely about understanding all the different aspects of healthy nutrition. Although at times this book can get a bit technical, it is still easy to read and understand. I also like that the author discuss the effect the different type of vitamin and mineral deficiencies have on our system and body, and how the different deficiencies are interrelated.

As I am always looking for new literature on health, I thought that it was very helpful that at the end of the book, there is a list of recommended readings covering number of different aspects around this topic. 

What I didn't particularly like, is the section on supplements!  I believe that if I maintain a well balanced diet, and I feel healthy, then there is no real reason for supplements. I am by no means an expert, and this is just my personal opinion.

Next month the focus of the nutrition book of the month will be on kids, but until then share with us your favourite nutrition books.

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