My Detox Experience

My Detox Experience

In the past few years we hear more and more about the importance of detoxing. I have always been very intrigued and interested by it, but I always thought that something like this is also very difficult and challenging. So to be honest I never really dared to try it out, until couple of months ago. This is when I met with Detox Delight Schweiz ( to discuss possible collaboration with Slow·o·lution. During our conversation I decided that doing a 5 day detox is an experience that I would like to make. I wanted to finally see for myself what are really the effects of such a detox on my health and overall wellbeing. Or was it all just a hype? I had read enough information about the importance & advantages of a detox throughout the years, but now I wanted to see how much of it is really true.

The Company

Detox Delight ( is a company found and based in Munich. Meanwhile they have offices in Zurich, Wien, Paris, Amsterdam and Dubai. What I like about this company is their so called "our big 5" , basically this is what the company stands for:

  • organic
  • 100% natural
  • gluten-free
  • vegan
  • cold-pressed

In addition, the products are produced in Zurich, without any additives, sweeteners or preservatives. It was important for me that when I do a detox, I go with products that are as close to nature as possible so to say. They have number of different detox options in terms of the products and the duration. For example, they have options for beginners, for very active people, intensive cleanse, etc.

Finally, I decided for a five day classic Juice Delight detox. This type is perfect for beginners and it has fast cleansing results. It consists of five juices during the day and a nut milk for the evening. Each bottle is 500ml, so a day consists of three liters of liquids.

Image 1 resized

Image 1: Juices and nut milk for the first day

I have to be honest, as excited as I was to finally go through that experience I was also a bit skeptical, as I wasn't sure whether I will really be able to manage 5 whole days without food! I was concerned that I will be hungry all the time, or that I will have the worst detox symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, low energy, constipation or diarrhea.

Preparation Phase

The whole process started on a very positive note! About a week prior to the start I got a very detailed PDF guide. This guide was divided in five sections:

  • Get ready - giving great information of what you need to do in order to have a smooth transition into the detox experience and minimize the different symptoms
  • Get started - giving information on the different detox symptoms that can occur, and also what are some of the additional things we can do for a even more successful cleanse
  • Stay delighted - information on what to do once you are done. How to go back to normal nutrition and what are some of the things to watch out for
  • Q&A
  • Detox Recepies

The Actual Detox Experience

On the day when my detox experience started, I got a delivery at 7.30am, consisting of 12 bottles for the first two days.

Each juice was labeled with numbers on the cap (the one without number is the nut milk)

Image 3 resized

Image 2: The bottle caps

Each of the juices was available in three different ingredient combinations.

Image 4 resized

Image 3: Ingredient information on each bottle

The package containing the juices for the first two days was delivered to my home address with standard post service. Freshly produced and packed in a cooler box I received the following ingredient combination:

  • Lemonade - apple, filtered water, lemonade
  • Orange juice - apple, carrot, orange, fennel
  • Pink juice - apple, carrot, orange, pear, beetroot, lemon, ginger
  • Green juice - green apple, cucumber, pineapple, romaine lettuce, lime
  • Yellow juice - green apple, orange, courgette, parsnip, lemon
  • Nut milk - cashew, filtered water, cinnamon, vanilla, stevia

I had to drink the given juice every two hours, and the vegan milk at the latest by 7pm. Each of the juices obviously had a different taste, but they were all very good. My favorite on that day was the morning lemonade, and the least favorite was probably the nut milk. What I particularly liked about them is that they were all fresh, and I could taste the pure ingredients of each one. Although I had planned for this first day to be a bit slower pace than usual, just because I didn't know what to expect, but to my surprise throughout the whole day I felt very energized and light! I was expecting to get headache in the afternoon, but that was not the case. The only "negative" thing was that because outside was (and still is) cold, and I had to keep the juices in the fridge at one point in the afternoon I felt cold and I was craving something warm. But as I was supposed to drink water in between the juices, I just made some hot water with  fresh ginger. Before I knew it the first day was over! I was extremely positively surprised - not once during the day did I feel hungry. The first evening I was actually so full that I couldn't even finish the nut milk.

I slept very well and when I woke up the next morning, to my surprise I felt great and was full of energy. This second day was a very busy day with number of different meetings (even a lunch meeting at one of my favorite places). Despite the hectic day, I again never felt hungry, and it was absolutely not difficult for me to resist the food during my lunch appointment. Again my energy level the whole day was very high......even in the evening. I was still so full from the juices during the day, that I couldn't finish the nut milk in the evening. The only difference I experienced that day is that to my surprise, the flavor of the different juices tasted much more intense. Is it possible that your taste sense also cleanses during a detox? I don't know, but what I experienced is that with each day the taste and flavors of the juices intensified.

In the morning of the third day I got the delivery for the last three days.

Image 5 resized

Image 4: Cooler box with juices for the last three days

This time I got different ingredients of the juices:

  • Lemonade - apple, filtered water, chili pepper
  • Orange juice - apple, carrot, lemon, wheatgrass
  • Pink juice - apple, cucumber, red grape, red cabbage, lemon, rose water, beetroot
  • Green juice - apple, cucumber, swiss chard, orange, kiwi, chlorella powder
  • Yellow juice - pineapple, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon

Unfortunately the nut milk stayed the same. I would have liked to try a different one. My favorite juice remained the morning lemonade, and least favorite became the yellow juice.

Throughout the next three days, I continued to experience extreme energy boost, feeling great and light at all times. I also feel like my skin has become much smoother, firmer and softer. I am still extremely surprised that at no point during these 5 day I felt hungry. I never managed to finish the nut milk in the evening. The taste intensity increased each day, which leads me to believe that my taste sense has also detoxed throughout this process.

After my second pregnancy, in the evening I would always gather a bit of water. This made my feet, lower legs and hands feel swollen. It was nothing extreme, but it was a feeling I didn't enjoy particularly. But on the second evening of my detox experience I noticed that this feeling is gone. I always knew how important it is for my body to stay hydrated, but this just goes to show what an extra liter can do!

Before I started with this detox experience I had consciously decided that I will not do any sports during this week, as I wasn't sure how my body will react. Of course I also didn't just sit all day at home - I was still active with the kids, going for walks, having meetings, etc. But to come to the question that probably most of you are really interested in - yes, I did lose weight. In addition to all the other positives that I have listed above, I lost over 2 kg. So now I am at my pre-pregnancy weight and it feels great.


Looking back at this experience - would I have done anything differently? Yes, there is one thing I would. Next time when I do a detox during the winter months, I would go for the options with a soup in the evening. This way I wouldn't be craving something warm during a cold and grey day.

Overall it was extremely positive experience, and I would like to make it a regular routine (every six months) of my already healthy life style. Now I know I have finally been able to experience the advantages of a detox, and I can confirm that it is not only a hype! Another positive outcome that I am noticing is that foods that I used to crave (like chocolates, or my favorite Starbucks drink), I am no longer craving. It has been two weeks since the detox experience, and I am pleased with the fact that I have not gained back the 2 kg that I lost during these five days.

The only aspect that I thought wasn't very positive, was the waste that I was left with after the experience - two delivery boxes and 30 half a liter bottles. I know that in order to deliver the juices in the best quality possible, they need to be shipped in such a boxes. But possibly they could be recycled????

The price for the five day classic Juice Delight detox is 440CHF. Yes one could argue that it is expensive, but I have to say that given all the benefits that such a detox has on your overall wellbeing, it is absolutely worth it. Given our stressful and very often unhealthy way of eating (due to number of reasons), I think that this is small price that we can pay for our health.


As a result of my very positive experience - from the service, to the products and the overall effects such a detox had on my body and wellbeing, I am planning a Detox Challenge with Detox Delight Schweiz in the next few months. More information to follow soon.

Stay healthy


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