Health book of the month

Health book of the month

I enjoy reading biographies and personal stories very much. I find it so inspiring to read how other people tackle and handle difficult situations in life. One such a book is a book by Colleen Saidman Yee (, called "Yoga for Life".  Colleen was referred to as the “First Lady of Yoga” by The New York Times.

This is a  memoire type of book, that outlines the struggles that Colleen has had throughout the years - from post-traumatic stress disorder (after a car accident), seizure disorder, bad heroin addiction, divorce all the way to becoming a model and later on a yoga teacher. What I love about this book is that is direct, honest, and very personal. It not only describes the different struggles that Coleen had throughout the years, but it also connects each one of them to yoga, and how yoga helped her overcome each one of her struggles.

Another aspect I very much like, is the fact that each chapter is accompanied by specific yoga sequences focusing on number of different problems - e.g. depression, stress, hormonal mood swings, etc. To make it easier to understand and follow, each yoga sequence is accompanied by photographs and step-by-step instructions.

Even if you are not too much into yoga, I still believe that this book is worth reading, as it offers yoga related techniques that help you bring awareness to every aspect of your being, allowing you to live in peace and enjoy the present moment......simply said, to enjoy the now!

Share what book has helped you improve your quality of life.

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