Nutrition Book of the Month

Nutrition Book of the Month

Being an active and busy mom, I am always looking for easy, healthy, and yet yummy recipes. My choice of book for the quick, healthy and tasty recipes is "Every Day" by Deliciously Ella ( The reason why I even bought this book in the beginning of the year is because I find Ella's story very inspiring. I find it inspiring to know that it is up to me, to make sure that my family and I stay healthy by the food and nutrition choices we make every day.

I like how the book is structured in different sections, this makes it very easy to find what I am looking for. We have tried many of the "Easy weekday dinners", and they were all super quick to make, full of healthy ingredients, and simply delicious. I also like the "Healthy eating on-the-go" recipes.

Having a huge "sweet tooth......or more like chocolate tooth", I particularly like the "Simple sweets" sections. There are number of different sweet recipes, including some warm drinks. This allows me (and my kids) to still enjoy a desert, while knowing that we are staying healthy.

The recipes are really very easy to make, and what I like is that I can substitute some ingredients - for example I don't eat cashew, so I always substitute this with almonds. Or I always substitute the olive oil (or any other suggested oil) with coconut oil.

If you have a busy life, but still want to prepare healthy meals for you and your family, I can only recommend this book.

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