Health Book of the Month

Health Book of the Month

I think that by now it is safe to say that I am a big believer in Kimberly Snyder's philosophy when it comes to nutrition ( So, I didn't dwell too much on whether I should buy her latest book "The Beauty Detox Power".  

The main reason I like this book so much, is because when we think or talk about staying healthy, most of us somehow are very focused on nutrition. Kimberly makes it very clear in her book, that although nutrition is important part of staying healthy, it is not the only aspect. Number of different aspects are covered in this book, such as:

  • taking time to understand the interactivity between your physical and mental state
  • taking time to resolve childhood issues and fears
  • the importance of being mindful, and creating daily rituals for yourself
  • the importance of spending time alone
  • the importance of letting go of negative experiences, thoughts, and letting go of people that affect you in a negative way
  • the importance of bringing balance in your life
  • the importance of understanding the different chakras, and how they related to our body
  • the importance of understanding your cravings, where they come from and what you can do

I also like that each aspect is backed up by a personal (true) story either of her, or one of her clients. In my opinion, this book makes you stop and think about your life, lifestyle, how you can improve it, and along the way for you to figure out what is important for you in life.

A whole section is devoted to the different chakras, and how they relate to our body. Of course being a huge fan of Kimberly's recipes, I also like the fact that there are over 60 whole-foods based new recipes. This time they are divided according to the chakras, which is also helpful if you want to work on improving the state of one or another chakra.

Obviously we take a message or two from each book we read, but I felt like this book "makes" you look into your life on a little deeper level. Makes you realize that there are a lot of aspects to being healthy, and they are all in your hands to implement......if you want to!

Stay healthy


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