What does a healthy nutrition mean?

What does a healthy nutrition mean?

Nutrition is a topic that has always been very important to me, but only a few years ago I came across a book that helped me develop a real interest in understanding how the food that I eat affects my body (more on that in the coming weeks). I have always believed in balanced diet, but meanwhile I believe it is even more important to “listen” to my body after each meal in order to figure out what is a healthy diet for me:

Do I get tired?

Do I feel bloated?

Can I sleep at night?


As we are all different I think that there is not just one healthy formula for every person – we digest food differently, we all have different lifestyles, we live in different geographical areas, etc. This is why I believe that it is important to educate ourselves, to try out different diet directions and along this process to listen to our bodies.
I believe that the more I educated myself about nutrition, the easier it will be for me to figure out what is healthy for me. I have made some major changes in my nutrition in the recent years and I was quite amazed to see and feel the changes I was experiencing after a very short period of time. In the months to come I will be sharing some of these changes with you. As nutrition has become an extremely important topic to me, at Slow•o•lution we will have experts covering number of interesting nutrition topics in the months to come.
In the meantime, share your experiences and opinions about nutrition and tell us what a healthy nutrition means to you.

Stay healthy,


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