Recipe of the month

Recipe of the month

Since the focus this month is on kids, I wanted to talk about a recipe that (my) kids love. Then I realized that with kids it is difficult to pin point what is a recipe that they really like. My experience shows that what is favourite today, will most probably be on the NO GO list next week:) So this is why I decide to share with you a recipe that I only recently tried, but so far we, as well as the kids like it very much. It is a recipe by Kimberly Snyder (who else, right!) called “The Mama Nourishment Bowl”. I like it a lot because it is super easy to make (which is very important to me as I usually don’t have much time), and it is full of healthy ingredients such as:

  • spinach
  • brown rice
  • mushrooms
  • nutritional yeast
  • coconut oil
  • coconut milk
  • ground turmeric

For the exact ingredients and instructions, please go to

In fact I had this dish tonight, but instead of spinach (which I had in the Glowing Green Smoothie ® this morning) I put zucchini and it tasted just as delicious! So this is another aspect that I like very much about this recipe – you can vary the ingredients a bit!

I am still looking for that one recipe that my kids will enjoy a little longer, so share what have been your experiences so far, and what are some of the recipes that your kids really enjoy.

Stay healthy,


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