Boost your mind, body and energy level @ Booster [Pilates+] – where pilates meets cardio and strength training

Boost your mind, body and energy level @ Booster [Pilates+] – where pilates meets cardio and strength training

Human beings were designed to move, not sit on chairs. So exercise is an essential part of good body function but can also have a positive effect on your mind. Not only does it keep the heart healthy and gives you the physical changes you desire but it helps deplete stress hormones and releases mood-enhancing chemicals which help us cope with stress better.

According to the American Heart Association, exercise increases the amount of oxygen your brain receives, resulting in improved memory and mental acuity. Exercise also causes your brain to produce chemicals called endorphins, often classified to be the happy hormones. These chemicals work to boost your mood and to give you a sense of general well-being. As a result, exercising can sometimes be effective in easing depression and relieving stress, making it easier for you to cope with life’s challenges.

Booster [Pilates+] is a therapeutic yet incredibly intense full body workout, best described as fire and water. The workout is performed to dynamic music on a revolutionary reformer – called the Megaformer – which allows your body to move slowly and smoothly between each exercise, keeping your heart rate up whilst avoiding forceful or explosive movements that can cause injury on your muscles and joints. The movements combine the sculpting & toning benefits of strength training with the therapeutic qualities of Pilates into a high intensity, low impact 50-minute workout. Your body gains balance and increases coordination while also engaging multiple muscles (including the tiny fat burning muscle fibers), giving your body the opportunity to burn more calories, tone up and lose inches faster. 

This is a perfect recipe for the mind and body – the slow and controlled movements which stimulate all muscles leave the muscles trembling, whilst also working your balance, stability and concentration. As you work the muscle you also get a stretch in each and single movement, which helps relax tense muscles and tissue. These can strongly contribute to stress-related aches and pains such as neck or back pains and headaches. As soon as you try you will discover its major benefit is that it allows you to forget your problems. The class helps you to shed the day’s irritations and the focus you place on your feel good exercise results in higher energy levels and optimism that can help you feel clearer and calmer. Not only do you become completely absorbed in what you are doing at the time but the positive endorphins that the exercise releases will also help you maintain a more positive outlook afterwards.

Exercise is the miracle cure we’ve always had. Whatever your age, there’s strong scientific evidence that being physically active can help you lead a healthier, longer and even happier life. In a 50 minute class at Booster [Pilates+] not only will you burn between 500-800 calories but your body will thank you for increasing your muscle strength, cardio respiratory endurance, joints and skeletal system, your body composition and boosting your energy and metabolism.

Get a chance to bring positive changes to your mind and body during the event we organize with Slow·o·lution on May 28 (for more information visit ). We look forward to seeing you. Spaces are limited so make sure you book in advance !

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