My experience with Booster Pilates+

My experience with Booster Pilates+

Last week I talked about my passion for staying active. Today I want to take a step further to share with you my experience with Booster Pilates+. I have been pilates fan for years now, but I discovered Booster Pilates+ only in the beginning of this year. The first time I didn’t actually take part in the class, I just went to “have a look” at the workout. Right away, I thought to myself that this looks like something I would really enjoy.

I didn’t wasted much time to sign up for my first Pilates+ class. Up to that point I thought that I am quite fit……I mean, after all I workout daily, stay active, eat healthy! But 15 minutes into the class I wasn’t that sure – my legs were shaking and I was feeling every little muscle in my body working! This was the most intense workout that I have ever experienced up to that point. ¬†

The workout consists of 50 minute high intensity exercises on the megaformer to the beat of a dynamic music. The exercises flow into one another and there is no break during the workout. The movements of the exercises are slow and controlled, so that you really feel each muscle working and throughout your heart rate stays stable.

In addition to the Pilates+ class, they also offer:

  • Barre+
  • Spin+
  • Triathlon+

I have also tried Barre+, and just like with the pilates class I absolutely loved it. It is also a 50 minute class, consisting of different high intensity exercises, working the whole body. Now, I am excited to tryout the Spin+ class………and at this point Triathlon+ is not on my list;)

What I particularly like about Booster Pilates+ is the fact that all classes are kept small – in the Seefeld studio max 8 participants, and in the Forum studio max 5 participants per class. This way the trainer has a complete overview and can correct each participant right away. In addition to this, classes are offered all day long, starting at 7.15 in the morning, until 8.20 in the evening.

Another aspect I really like, is the pricing possibilities and the booking system. There are number of different pricing offers:

  • Booster Packages¬†
  • Booster Monthlies
  • ‘All You Can Boost’

This gives you the flexibility to choose the option that works best for your lifestyle and workout goals. In addition to this, it is possible to book classes either online or via an app, with a six hour cancelation policy free of charge.

I personally have had great experience so far, with the booking system, workouts, as well as with the super friendly trainers. If you are busy, and don’t have time for long workouts, I can strongly recommend Booster Pilates+. If you are interested in trying this intense workout, come join us at the Pilates+ event we are organizing together with Booster Pilates+ on Saturday, May 28 (for more information, visit ).

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