What are “Superfoods”?

“Superfoods” are nutritionally rich foods with tremendous amounts of vitamins, minerals and extraordinary healing potential. Each superfood has specific qualities and is unique in it’s power.  Superfoods have been shown to increase health and well being, beauty, and taste delicious. 

Living, raw plant foods include fruits, veggies, sprouts, seaweeds, herbs, grasses and fermented foods.  The Coco and Chica ( Superfoods are seven tremendously nutritious plants that are not entirely classifiable as foods nor are they entirely classifiable medicines.  They are very potent and some of the most nutrient rich foods on the planet that taste great and are easy to add to your meals and smoothies.

Coco & Chica has been bringing these organic raw superfoods to Zurich for over two years.  Coco and Chica is swiss BIO certified (organic) and proud to offer seven incredibly rich and delicious superfoods to you.

Coco & Chica have their roots in Canada. It’s where the SUPERFOOD journey began.  Coco & Chica are sister and firm believers that superfoods can be added to anyones lifestyle and diet plan.  It’s all about choosing to eat delicious, plant based ingredients.

Coco and Chica: The Story 

There is an awareness of health and wellness in many parts of the world but somehow in those small communities of dedicated health practitioners and devoted foodies, superfoods from ancient times and lands are getting more attention than ever before.  The Superfood popularity had grown from these conscious cirlces to all parts of the world.   

Coco & Chica is making SUPERFOODS such as Goji Berries, Raw Cacao and Hemp Seeds (Hearts) Hemp Protein, Spirulina, Maca Powder, Goji Berries and Chia seeds,  that were once very difficult to access, now easier the ever. 

Our native ancestors worldwide have past down the knowledge of their traditional medicines and healing foods.  These SUPERFOODS have been used for centuries by cultures and healers long before our time. Coco & Chica has been providing these high quality foods to Switzerland for over two and a half years and hopes to continue getting access to these foods and more in the coming years. 

Todays fad might just be tomorrows healthy habit.  Like every fad, it’s inspiring for a while then the next thing comes along and we’ve moved on to bigger and better.  The Superfood and healthy eating trend is more a lifestyle shift then a one week diet or detox plan.  Once you begin feeding and fuelling your body, you’ll realise why this is no trend.

Has eating healthy actually become trendy… I think so.. Todays Instagram and Pinterest pages are covered in colourful, delicious and easy pictures of “health” food.  It’s obviously inspiring to see beautiful food and beautiful healthy bodies indulging in these Superfoods.

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