Why is mountain biking the perfect sport for me

Why is mountain biking the perfect sport for me

Why I love mountain biking

When mountain biking, I have to concentrate fully on the terrain and the bike. Trouble at work or stress becomes inessential. I can speed up when I want to, search for challenging passages uphill and downhill or easily crank and just let the bike roll. I can bike alone or with friends – and that’s the fascination for me! To be together on the road, to be athletically challenged, to experience something, to be motivated, to have fun, and of course to enjoy refreshments together afterwards.

In addition – the experience of nature, a great contrast to office chair and computer. I’m getting further up then if I was running, I climb peaks and mountains and enjoy the view. The experience of nature while biking is great – there is always something to be seen, whether deer, foxes, birds or in the mountains – eagles, ibexes and marmots. No permanent telephone ringing, incoming e-mails or background noises. Here is where I find my peace and quiet, and refuel. It does not matter whether it is a dry rocky ground, a soft forest floor, tree root paths, gravel roads, or it is slippery and muddy. It is a varied route over hill and dale. I’m fully challenged – my balance, strength, endurance and skillfulness, but also my self-assessment and courage.
That’s why I love mountain biking.
Here I refuel – I can concentrate better and work more efficiently. Even my skin thanks me – it looks fresh and rosy. Only the laughter lines are growing, because of the big grin on my face while I’m on the mountain bike. Afterwards everything tastes extra good and intense whether fruit, streusel cake, milk coffee or a small piece of chocolate. I enjoy it!
Mountain biking is not always easy and comfortable. Sometimes it is cold, windy, wet, and slippery, and it can also be very exhausting. But that’s what I like!
Tips for Beginners

Before you get started, let the bike be well adjusted to you. The brake lever should be easily accessible also by smaller hands. The bike seat width should be suitable for you and it is important to adjust your saddle correct. The spring elements always have to be adjusted to your weight.

Biking consumes energy. Watch out for quality nutrition and enough liquids. Eat wide variety of vitamin and mineral rich foods. A small power bar or snack for in-between and a bike water bottle belong to your trip as well as spare tube, multi-tool and pump.
Take part in a mountain biking skills course. You will learn to mountain bike more safely and have fun. Within only one course you will learn the basics of MTB – braking and curving techniques, improving balance and body position, etc.

Begin slowly. Easy tours are providing the basis for longer and more strenuous ones. I also bike alone every now and again. It’s a way of balancing if the group is riding too fast.
Find like-minded people – to bike in a group makes it more fun.
And you can benefit from experienced bikers.

Photo by : Sportograf

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