Spa treatments as stress reliever?

Spa treatments as stress reliever?

Since I was a little girl, I have always been a very active person. Working out and spending time outdoors is on my daily program. But at the same time I love also some down time. One of my favourite relaxing activity is going to a spa. For me there are two main aspects to going to the spa on a regular basis.

One aspect is physical – I workout on daily basis, so I need to make sure that I also give my muscles and body the time to recover. I love getting whole body massages. I also love going to the sauna, after a long hike or a mountain bike workout.  I not only feel how my muscles relax and recover, but I also feel the difference in how quick my body and muscles recover when I get a treatment.

The other aspect, and probably the more important one is the mental! Whenever I go for a treatment I can totally shut down, leave all worries and problems behind me and simply focus on the moment, on the now! I love the calming and relaxing music that is played during a massage; or the scent of the warmed up oils used for the massage; or the hot stones on your back……all these is so calming and relaxing. After each treatment I feel fully recharged, much calmer and with much more energy than before I entered the treatment room!

Before we had kids, I used to get a treatment every two weeks. Now due to lack of time, I don’t go nearly as often as I would like to go…….and I am noticing the difference. Throughout the years I have tried many different spas and treatments, but for me it is so important that the person performing the treatment radiates calm state of mind! I have made the experiences where the person was so stressed out herself that I couldn’t wait until the treatment was over.

So I can only recommend to not give up on spa treatments as a whole just because you had one bad experience! Try different spas and book treatments with different people, until you find that one specialist that radiates this calm state of mind you are looking for. I truly believe that spa treatments are healthy for the body, as well as the mind…….and it is well spend money and time!

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