Travelling as stress reliever

Travelling as stress reliever

Like many people, I love travelling! I usually don’t like going back to the same place, because I love to explore. There are so many wonderful and interesting places around the world, and every time we take vacation, I want to go some place new – this gives me the opportunity to explore new cultures, new cities, new perspectives, new people, new ideas. I also find that travelling is a great stress reliever, for many different reasons, some of which:

Positive Emotions

Just the idea of planning our vacation is relaxing, exciting and it brings so many positive emotions and vibes with it. Every time we go on vacation we try to go to a place that we have never been to before, and this makes it that much more exciting – we don’t know what to expect, we are excited about all the new things we are going to see and experience, the new people we are going to meet. Then of course all the nice and happy memories of the vacation bring those positive emotions back……so the positive emotions and impact have a much longer affect on our wellbeing then just the actual vacation.

Relaxed Mindset

When we are travelling, we are much more relaxed…… which is really no surprise given that there are no deadlines, no scheduled phone calls and meetings, no rush to be anywhere, no need to reply and go through hundreds of e-mails each day, there is no need of getting up early in the morning……and the list goes on and on.

Increases Creativity

I find that when I am relaxed and away from the everyday stressful madness, I am much more creative and open to new ideas.

Mindfulness Increases

This is a big one – when we are on vacation we actually take the time to enjoy everything around us –  the wonderful view, the sunset (or sunrise for some!), the food, a drink……we actually take the time to listen to our partner. When we are relaxed, we tend to be much more in the moment, and be aware of our surrounding.

Fresh Air and Activity Level Increases

During vacation time we are outside much more – be it on the beach, exploring a new city, or going for a hike in the mountains. This means that we are much more active and get much more fresh air, then during our everyday reality. As we all know fresh air and active lifestyle promote good health and wellbeing.

Bonding Family / Partner Time

During vacation time we are much more present, which means that we are much more aware of our family / partner. We are much more relaxed to play and explore with our kids, or enjoy another drink during a conversation with our partner. The quality time spend with the family / partner increases enormously.

Expands your Horizon

Travelling and vacation time allows us to explore new cultures, to meet new people, to try new food, to see a different type of lifestyle, to see different customs. So I like to think that with every travel and vacation I expand my horizon, which in turn helps me develop and increase my creativity……..and even makes me appreciate more everything that I have.

 You don’t need to travel as a family or with your partner in order to benefit of all the positives a vacation brings us. Recently I read this article that I wanted to share with you. It talks about the different benefits travelling alone has……for me personally points 1, 4 and 5 are so important for our overall wellbeing.

Above I am listing only some of the benefits that I have personally experienced so far, and I would love to hear from you and what you find beneficial to you when vacationing and traveling.

Stay healthy


Photo source: Franziska Mayr, Instagram @franzi_85

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2 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Travelling as stress reliever”

  1. Anant Shahi says:

    Wonderful website with amazing content you’ve got here. I particularly liked the ” Expands the Horizon” point because I think that we learn way much more than books while travelling. It equips us with cultural and practical knowledge at the same time. Since I liked the content I will be looking forward to see more such articles. Keep up the good work mate.

    • Anna says:

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback:) I completely agree with you re the amount that we learn while traveling!

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