Finding time to workout during the Christmas season

Finding time to workout during the Christmas season

December is time of the year where it is difficult to stay on track with anything healthy, let alone find the time for a regular workout! Not only is it cold, grey and the day is getting shorter, but we are also booked out with all kinds of Christmas celebrations. Despite all these, I think that it is very important to stay on track with your workout routine. Just to name a few advantages, working out gives you so much energy, you sleep better, you feel happier and less stressed out, etc.  Here are my top five tricks on how to include a workout on a daily basis:

  1. just like with anything else, it is super important to plan your workouts. Take 15 minutes on Sunday to plan your workouts for the week ahead according to your schedule. The trick is to make sure that you are realistic, and don’t expect too much. There will be days where you won’t have the time for a workout, and this is ok! Just make sure that this doesn’t turn into a routine!
  2. get an accountability or workout partner, or join a FB group that will hold you accountable! This helps you get motivated, and stay on track
  3. even if you have only 15 or 30 minutes – make the time to do a quick workout, or a walk. You will feel much more energized and balanced……..not to mention that your body and mind will thank you:)
  4. whenever you have the chance be active – for example, walk instead of car or transportation, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do some stretching – do it. It might not feel like a workout, but you are giving your body the possibility to stay active…..and at the end of the day, all these small or insignificant activities add up
  5. make sure that during stressful time, you choose workouts that you like and enjoy. This way it will be much easier to motivate yourself! Don’t push yourself to go running if you hate it……it will only stress you out additionally!

I know that it is not always easy, that’s why if you can’t stick to your plan on a particular day just accept it and look forward to your workout the following day.

Stay healthy



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