What is meditation all about?

What is meditation all about?

For over a year now, TM meditation has become a major part of my daily routine.. There is something extremely calming, positive and energizing to start my day with some quiet time……at least for me! I realize the positive impact TM has on me even more on the days that I don’t get to start my day as usual with a 20min TM session. I know we are all different, and a lot of people can’t imagine taking time to meditate. Years ago I also thought that meditation is simply not for me, and I couldn’t imagine sitting in this strange position (which is extremely uncomfortable) for a given amount of time.

I think the problem is that many of us have this perception of meditation – sitting in a lotus position and thinking about nothing for certain period of time! Now that I have been practicing meditation for some time, I don’t think that could be anything further from the truth. The whole idea of meditation is to calm the mind, to be aware of the present moment, and for this you need to sit down in a comfortable position. You can sit on the sofa, chair…..whatever feels comfortable for you, but there is certainly no need to sit in lotus position! Also, it is not about not having any thoughts while meditating, but it is about learning that thoughts are in our heads – they come, and we need to learn to let them go without deepening them.

How do you do this? Well, there are many apps and other techniques available out there. Whether you do a quick body scan a few times a day, go for a walk, play music, or you focus on your breathing a few times a day, or you actually sit down for a proper meditation at certain time in the day, the bottom line is to find what works best for you and your lifestyle. For me personally jogging is also a kind of meditation – I don’t like listening to music when I run, I simply focus on my breathing…..and before I know it any tension is gone, and my mind is totally relaxed and aware of the moment! Every once in a while, my husband will come home from work, look at me and tell me “go jogging…..it looks like it was a difficult day”…..and it works like a miracle every single time!

To me personally mediation can be anything that puts your mind at ease – no judgment, no expectations, no conversations in your head……where you simply get lost in the present moment, completely unaware of the time! So before trying to fit in some meditation “standard”, think about what activities take you to a different mind state, to a state of pure mindfulness and being…….and once you have found it, try to implement it in your daily routine. And for those of your who have already figured it out, share what is your type of mediation.

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