The Slowolution Planner 2021

The Slowolution Planner 2021

The Slow·o·lution Planner – focus on better time management, to prioritize your health

The Slow·o·lution Planner is specifically designed to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level, while having a complete overview of all your weekly meetings, appointments and to do’s. It is a combination of a planner and a journal, with focus on your health. The focus is not on micro management and calories counting, but on recognizing patterns, listening to your body, and identifying when you feel at your best and most energized. The purpose of this planner is to inspire you to plan and manage your time in the most efficient way, which will allow you to prioritize your wellbeing every single day. There will be a lot of ups and downs along the way, and this planner is a tool that will allow you to learn and grow from each experience in this amazing journey that you have taken on.

The planner is intentionally available only in hard copy – the reason for  that is simple – we are surrounded by technical devices all day long, which leads to the fact that we never take the time to be just by ourselves. The idea behind this planner is that you take each day 10 minutes (or however long you might need) of your time to focus on yourself, your health and your well being! To take time each Sunday, and plan the week ahead keeping in mind your short and long term goals. This planner will help you manage your time better, focus on your priorities, and plan your week accordingly. For me personally it has become part of my day that I look very much forward to, and it truly feels like a meditation.

Working with the journal on daily basis is truly an experience where you will be encouraged to:

  • learn to plan and manage your time in the most efficient and effective way, while prioritizing your health and wellbeing
  • define what does a healthy and mindful lifestyle mean to you personally
  • gain a sense of where you currently are, and where you want to be
  • set yearly and monthly goals in order to get where you want, and become your healthiest
  • start and end each day with gratitude
  • be much more mindful about your everyday life by paying attention to your nutrition, your emotions, your workouts, your sleep, etc
  • practice self-reflection each day – this allows you to discover negative patterns which you can eliminate going forward, as well as positive patterns that you can build on
  • listen to your body with each meal, each workout, each meditation, each breath

Price:    35 CHF

What you get:

  • yearly overview Jan – Dec 2021
  • space to define what healthy and mindful lifestyle mean to you
  • space to reflect on previous year
  • space to set goals for 2021
  • space to reflect on previous month
  • space to set monthly goals
  • weekly overview for all your to do’s and meetings (dated and spread vertically on two pages)
  • daily journal tracking different health aspects (not dated)
  • weekly summary
  • inspirational quotes throughout the planner

Product Information:

  • A5 format
  • 285 pages
  • 80gr white paper
  • spiral bound
  • produced in Germany

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    • Price: 35CHF per planner, excluding postal and shipping fees
    • Shipping fees: varies depending on the number of planners, country of delivery, and type of delivery service (for exact price email
    • Note that import duties, taxes, and additional charges may occur depending on delivery destination. These costs are not included in the item price or shipping cost. As these charges are the buyer’s responsibility, please check with your country’s customs office to determine these additional costs
    • With your order, you will receive an e-mail with invoice and detailed overview of the costs
    • Under no circumstances are postage / shipping costs refundable


    • Your order will be shipped only upon receiving of the total payment amount due

    Return Policy:

    • This is a private offer, and all sales are final
    • Opened packages and used planners cannot be returned

    15 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “The Slowolution Planner 2021”

    1. Nicole says:

      I love the first pages: writing down your thoughts is so helpful to free your mind. I love the weekly overview and the weekly summary. As well as the monthly ones.

    2. Caroline says:

      By using the planner, I have learned so much about time management and prioritising…..and just how much I can actually do in a day.

    3. Liz says:

      I have learned so much about the connection between my emotional state, and the food choices that I make…….was never aware of these patterns before!

    4. Penny says:

      Love the goal setting and the reflection pages – it really helps me stay focused on what is important for me, and my priorities. Thank you!

    5. Monica says:

      Using the planner has become an activity I look very much forward to. By using the planner I have realized the importance of mindset, setting intentions, and simple gratitude……priceless lesson

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