“Roadmap to a Healthy Mom” Guide

“Roadmap to a Healthy Mom” Guide

Where is your wellbeing and self care on your priority list?

As moms we tend to take care of everyone and everything around us, and completely forget about our own wellbeing! All these is done with the best intentions possible, without realizing that we simply CAN’T POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP……no matter how hard we try!

If you want to properly take care of your loved ones, show up every day as the best version of yourself and be a role model for your kids, then you need to give yourself the permission to prioritize self care first and foremost every single day! You need to look past that mindset that self care is selfish, and instead look at self care as a necessity!

Living healthy and prioritizing your wellbeing is not only about nutrition and fitness (the physical aspect)! These two pillars play a huge role in your overall wellbeing, but to feel your best day in and day out, you need to focus just as much on your emotional and mental wellbeing! These three aspects are interconnected and equally important in order to feel your best in the long run.

This over 90 pages guide incorporates all three aspects of a healthy lifestyle, but the reason it is so effective and helpful is because it encourages you to:

  • understand yourself, your needs, and your current habits through a lot of reflection exercises
  • take actions by setting clear and realistic goals

Living healthy and prioritizing your wellbeing is a journey – what works for you today, might not be as effective in 5 years. And the beauty of this guide is that it will be a constant part of your journey through all the reflection and goal setting exercises that you can do at any season of your life!

Benefits of the guide:

  • gaining a better understanding of how you take care of yourself
  • gaining a deeper awareness of what you need in the current season of your life to feel your best
  • becoming aware and learning more about the different aspects and pillars of a healthy lifestyle
  • learning how to plan and manage your time in the most efficient way, so you can prioritize your health and wellbeing by making time every single day for self care
  • this guide is just the beginning of your wellbeing journey, and you can revisit and redo all the reflection & way forward exercises on a regular basis throughout your journey

Cost:   25CHF

This guide is also available in a bundles:

If you need the accountability and support, and you want to really dig deep, I would suggest that you take part in the 8 week “Roadmap to a Healthy Mom” workshop (for more details, click here)

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