Teaspoon Living – Real Food First Program

Teaspoon Living – Real Food First Program

Although I already live pretty healthy, I am always interested and on the lookout for anything that has to do with healthy lifestyle. So in April I decided to join the Spring Real Food First Program by Teaspoon Living (www.teaspoonliving.com). It was a four week program focusing on cooking real food each meal throughout the day for four weeks. There were different aspects to this program which I thought were interesting.

Each Friday, the participants will get an e-mail with a link to the meal plan for the following week, including a complete grocery list of all the ingredients, and the recipes. As I don't eat any animal products (but I still wouldn't label myself vegan - you can read more about it here www.slowolution.com), I didn't try many of the recipes, but enjoyed very much the recipes without animal products. I am also not a big fan of having a plan for the whole week of what to eat, as I prefer to keep it spontaneous. However, I also understand that such a plan can be very beneficial for people that are just starting to incorporate healthy nutrition in their diet.

What I liked about this program is that although there is a weekly plan, the participants were still flexible to switch around meals. On the flip side, if I wanted to strictly follow the plan I felt like there is not enough variety in the recipes. I also didn't particularly like that some of the meal recipes were repeated for two or three days in a row. On the other hand, I also understand that for someone that is super busy, this could save a lot of time to prepare more of the particular recipe, so they don't need to prepare three meals every single day.

Another aspect that I liked about this program is the daily (Monday to Thursday) e-mails that we received. Each day there was a different topic (e.g. mindful eating, or feeling guilty when eating something unhealthy, etc). I like the fact that Caitlin was incorporating and sharing a lot of her personal experience. I think that this way it is much easier for people to relate and understand, rather than just reading the next information on why we should be more mindful when we eat for example!

These e-mails will always end with a few questions, inviting the participants to share their thoughts, experiences, concerns with the rest of us in a closed Facebook group. I thought that could be also very helpful and beneficial to the participants that are just starting to incorporate healthy nutrition into their diet. I also find it interesting to see how different people deal with different aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Another aspect of the program was a life cooking experience (in the program's FB group) with Caitlin. I personally couldn't take part in it, but I find the idea nice. For those of us that couldn't take part, the video was posted to the FB closed group.

I personally think that because there are so many different aspects incorporated in this program, it could be beneficial to people looking to change their nutritional habits, or simply incorporate more healthy nutrition into their daily life. In addition, you have the possibility to get a three day free trial meal plan. You can find more details here  www.teaspoonliving.com

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