“I’m in the process of changing my lifestyle, and in the beginning the main reason was for losing weight, but Anna helped me realize that it is much more than just the weight! Implementing healthy habits has helped me relieve my stress and anxiety, and overall I feel with more energy and in a better mood.”   ~Erika, Colombia

“Some months ago I had to go through a surgery which made me change my eating habits for a better healing process and so on… I lost weight and was of course very pleased about it. The three weeks after/ post surgery, I got huge attention from Anna, who always had some time to write me and ask how I was. She made me feel positive and thankful. After the healing process, I had a big challenge in front of me. How to keep the healthy eating habits and to be fit when I am back to my normal routine. And again Anna was there for me. With her I learned how to take time for myself, concentrate on my body and soul needs. And the best of all, I learned how not to feel guilty about concentrating on myself. I already have her Planner for next year and I am very excited about it.” ~Virginia, Brazil/Switzerland

“Recently I signed up to consulting with Anna  and it was an incredible insight on my personal eating habits. Anna’s determination to help me see it through made it a success for me. I renewed my energy toward my personal growth, helped me overcome lifelong habits I’ve wanted to change, and inspired me to try new things like a food cleanse. Anna’s expertise, kindness, professionalism,  and support for helping you achieve your personal goals is simply amazing! I totally recommend her service.” ~Christina, Brazil

“Anna is extremely insightful and eager to help others! Her knowledge and content go above and beyond and have truly helped me to improve my lifestyle! She cares deeply about her audience and is just so sincere 🙂 You have to check her out!”  ~Sydney, USA

“I am happy to know Anna as a most empathic person, who‘s passion is to help and coach people to find their individual „feel-great-healthy-fit-life“. Her help is customized motivating and patient. You will have her full attention because her mission is YOUR healthy life-style. Thank you Anna!”   ~Ingrid, Switzerland

“Working with Anna has helped me understand that living healthily is much more than just my nutrition and fitness! Her holistic approach, that incorporates many different aspects of my lifestyle, has helped me improve my overall wellbeing and given me a positive outlook on life.” ~Melanie, Israel